Sharon L. R. Kardia

Sharon L. R. Kardia, photograph
Co-Investigator, Health and Retirement Study

Contact Information

1827 SPH I
1415 Washington Heights
Ann Arbor, Michigan 48109-2029



University of Michigan, Ph.D. Human Genetics, 1991
University of Michigan, M.A. Statistics, 1990
Carnegie-Mellon University, B.S. Biological Sciences, 1985

Research and Projects

Dr. Kardia's main research interests are in the genetic epidemiology of common chronic diseases and their risk factors. She is particularly interested in gene-environment and gene-gene interactions and in developing novel analytical strategies to understand the complex relationship between genetic variation, environmental variation, and risk of common chronic diseases. Her research utilizes genomic, epigenomic, transcriptomic, and proteomic measures on large epidemiological cohorts.

Selected Recent Publications

Ben-Avraham, D., Karasik, D., Verghese, J., Lunetta, K. L., Smith, J. A., Eicher, J. D., ... & Tanaka, T. (2017). The complex genetics of gait speed: genome-wide meta-analysis approach. Aging (Albany NY), 9(1), 209.

Marouli, E., Graff, M., Medina-Gomez, C., Lo, K. S., Wood, A. R., Kjaer, T. R., ... & Rüeger, S. (2017). Rare and low-frequency coding variants alter human adult height. Nature, 542(7640), 186-190.

Pattaro, C., Teumer, A., Gorski, M., Chu, A. Y., Li, M., Mijatovic, V., ... & Taliun, D. (2016). Genetic associations at 53 loci highlight cell types and biological pathways relevant for kidney function. Nature Communications, 7.

Okbay, A., Baselmans, B. M., De Neve, J. E., Turley, P., Nivard, M. G., Fontana, M. A., ... & Gratten, J. (2016). Genetic variants associated with subjective well-being, depressive symptoms, and neuroticism identified through genome-wide analyses. Nature Genetics, 48(6), 624-633.

Ware, E. B., Mukherjee, B., Sun, Y. V., Diez-Roux, A. V., Kardia, S. L., & Smith, J. A. (2015). Comparative genome-wide association studies of a depressive symptom phenotype in a repeated measures setting by race/ethnicity in the multi-ethnic study of atherosclerosis. BMC Genetics, 16(1), 118.

Broer, L., Buchman, A. S., Deelen, J., Evans, D. S., Faul, J. D., Lunetta, K. L., ... & Yu, L. (2014). GWAS of longevity in CHARGE consortium confirms APOE and FOXO3 candidacy. Journals of Gerontology Series A: Biomedical Sciences and Medical Sciences, 70(1), 110-118.