Distribution and Replication Policy

Third Party Redistribution of HRS Public Release Files

A number of requests have been received concerning third parties redistributing Health and Retirement public release files. Data librarians, archiving institutions, and other third parties are permitted to redistribute HRS public release files under the following restrictions:

  • Only public release files are to be distributed.
  • The third party must fill out and submit the New Users registration form.
  • All recipients of the files must personally fill out and submit the same registration.
  • Procedures must be in place to ensure that the restrictions listed above are fulfilled.

If you have any questions concerning this policy, email hrsquestions@umich.edu.

Replication Policy

Many scholarly journals require that researchers must include the components of their analysis process (input/output data and supporting documentation) as part of their publication submission. The reason for this requirement is to allow other researchers to replicate the findings that are reported in the publication. HRS supports this principle but does not allow third-party distribution of its data by anyone, including journals. This document (.pdf) provides guidance to researchers who are using or who plan to use HRS data products as inputs to analysis conducted as part of the publishing process.