Pension Document Plan Type 2004-2005

This data file reports pension plan types identified from documents that were collected from respondents’ employers or/and respondents themselves. Employer pension documents were collected via the Employer Pension Provider Survey conducted in 2005 or from an experiment conducted in the 2004 survey. The experiment (Respondent Pension Document Request Experiment) was directed at 400 pre-identified HRS and War Baby cohort respondents who had reported a current pension in their previous interview and through their current job employer. Half of these individuals were asked for any documents/statements they have at home, including quarterly reports from their employers or pension providers. The other half were asked to request a Summary Plan Description (SPD) from the Human Resource Departments of their firms. The SPD experiment was judged sufficiently successful that it was extended to the remainder of the field period to 2004 interviewees among HRS and War Baby cohorts who reported having a current pension.

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Pension Estimation
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Latest Release August 2006 (v1.0)