Retirement plan wealth inequality: Measurement and trends

TitleRetirement plan wealth inequality: Measurement and trends
Publication TypeReport
Year of Publication2019
AuthorsGhilarducci, T, Radpour, S, Webb, A
Series TitleThe New School for Social Research Working Paper Series
Document NumberWorking Paper #1
InstitutionSchwartz Center for Economic Policy Analysis
CityNew York City
KeywordsInequality, Retirement Planning & Satisfaction, Wealth

Using Health and Retirement Study data linked to summary plan descriptions and W-2s, this study reports trends in retirement wealth inequality of older employees 1992-2010. The study identifies and corrects methodological flaws in past research. Retirement wealth is highly unequally distributed; the top lifetime earnings quintile holds half of all retirement wealth, the bottom quintile, only 1 percent. The top earnings quintile fared better in 2010 than in 1992, whereas bottom-quintile earners fared worse. But retirement wealth inequality mainly reflects inequality within earnings quintiles, resulting from inadequate savings, not outsize accumulations. Systemic flaws reduce median retirement wealth by 84 percent.

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