Changing generations: The importance of understanding long-term care options

TitleChanging generations: The importance of understanding long-term care options
Publication TypeThesis
Year of Publication2016
AuthorsBracken, K
Academic DepartmentHealth Care Administration
Number of Pages58
UniversityUtica College
Thesis TypeThesis
ISBN Number9781339649351
KeywordsLong-term Care, Nursing homes, Older Adults, Retirement Planning and Satisfaction

The act of retiring, and retirement itself, is different for each individual, especially for those from different generations. Generational differences, along with economic and health status, can affect how an individual may plan for retirement or whether they plan at all. Though this topic is timely it has yet to be approached from an all-encompassing perspective. Various types of retirement planning were reviewed in this capstone. Literature reviewed from 1992 to 2014 revealed that generational differences impact how individuals plan—or do not plan—for retirement as well as what services they seek. Literature obtained through Utica Online Library and Google Scholar yielded the most significant information when examining retirement in conjunction with the trends in generational differences. Researchers also focused on individuals’ knowledge of and preparation for the retirement process. Future research to provide long-term healthcare planning options to individuals reaching the age of retirement was also discussed.

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