HRS 1994 (Wave 2) Final Release v1.00 Codebook

Table of Contents

Data FileContent
h94dd.pdfData Description and Usage: What’s New in Version 2.0
OVERVIEWData Description (v1.00) -- Obsolete
W2MASMaster Codes
W2CSHousehold and Individual Coversheet Data
W2HHLISTCoversheet: Household Listing
W2ASection A: Demographics, and Miscellaneous
W2BSection B: Health
W2CSection C: Cognition
W2DSection D: Housing
W2ESection E: Family Structure
W2KIDSSection E: Children file
W2PARSSection E: Parents file
W2SIBSSection E: Siblings file
W2FASection FA: Employment (Employees)
W2FBSection FB: Employment (Self-Employed)
W2FCSection FC: Employment (Unemployed)
W2GSection G: Last Job, R Not Working Now
W2HSection H: Job History
W2JSection J: Disability
W2KSection K: Net Worth
W2NSection N: Income
W2RSection R: Health Insurance
W2SSection S: Widowhood
W2VSection V: Capital Gains
W2MOD0Experimental Module 0: Activities and Nutrition
W2MOD1Experimental Module 1: Depression Scale
W2MOD2Experimental Module 2: Similarities
W2MOD3Experimental Module 3: Physical Functioning
W2MOD4Experimental Module 4: Spending and Saving
W2MOD5Experimental Module 5: Risk Aversion
W2MOD6Experimental Module 6: Social Support
W2MOD7Experimental Module 7: Transfers
W2MOD8Experimental Module 8: Help with ADLs
W2MOD9Experimental Module 9: Activities and Time Use

Last change: 17 November 2004