LOPN Cross-Wave (Version 1.0)

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List of Files

AHD9302 AHEAD Sub-sample 1993-2002     (Story)
HRS9202 HRS Sub-sample 1992-2002     (Story)
CWB9802 CODA / War Baby Sub-samples 1998-2002     (Story)
LC92_HL HRS 1992 Core     (HHList)
LC92_K HRS 1992 Core     (Kid)
LC93_MC AHEAD 1993 Core     (HHMemberChild)
LCX94_HL HRS 1994 Core/Exit     (HHList)
LCX94_K HRS 1994 Core/Exit     (Kid)
LC95_MC AHEAD 1995 Core     (HHMemberChild)
LX95_MC AHEAD 1995 Exit     (HHMemberChild)
LC96_MC HRS 1996 Core     (HHMemberChild)
LX96_MC HRS 1996 Exit     (HHMemberChild)
LC98_MC HRS 1998 Core     (HHMemberChild)
LX98_MC HRS 1998 Exit     (HHMemberChild)
LC00_MC HRS 2000 Core     (HHMemberChild)
LX00_MC HRS 2000 Exit     (HHMemberChild)
LC02_MC HRS 2002 Core     (HHMemberChild)
LX02_MC HRS 2002 Exit     (HHMemberChild)