Individual Characteristics Associated with Dementia Risk in Minority Populations

TitleIndividual Characteristics Associated with Dementia Risk in Minority Populations
Publication TypeThesis
Year of Publication2018
AuthorsHubner, SB
Academic DepartmentGerontology
DegreeMaster of Arts in Social Gerontology
Number of Pages86
UniversityUniversity of Nebraska at Omaha
Thesis Typephd
ISBN Number9780438864016
KeywordsADAMS, Dementia, Ethnic studies, ethnicity, Gerontology, Health and environmental sciences, HRS, Minority, Public Health, Social Sciences

U.S. minority populations are continuously growing. Concurrent with this growth is an increase in persons with cognitive impairment and dementia, especially in vulnerable populations. Despite this increase, there has been a comparative lack of minority focused research, especially in regards to comprehensive models which examine demographics, education, and health. This study utilized the ADAMS dataset (Health and Retirement Study) to investigate the predictive variables of age, sex, marital status, employment, education, and health within the context of ethnicity. Results showed that age, minority status, disability, lower education, cardiovascular disease, and increased number of comorbidities positively predicted development of both cognitive impairment not dementia and dementia. This evidence, in the context of ethnicity, and the burden of health, education, and demographics on minority persons, gives cause for increased support and development of culturally sensitive and focused programming to better serve minority populations.


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