Available Restricted Data Products

Administrative Linkages

HRS data are linked at the individual level to sources of administrative information from the Social Security Administration (SSA) for information on earnings and benefits, the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) for Medicare and Medicaid claims information, and to Veteran Affairs (VA) health care information.

Other External Linkages

HRS respondents have also been linked to the 1940 Census, and to contextual data from a variety of sources. At the employer level, information on employer-provided pension plans is available for businesses where respondents are or have been employed.

Note: The Geographic Linkages Repository and HRS Contextual Data Resource Series are available only in the MiCDA Enclave VDI, and are only available for use with restricted data geographic information products.

HRS Survey Data

Information on geographic locations is available as restricted data and can be used to link to user-generated contextual data. In addition, some of the data HRS collects as part of the survey contains confidential or sensitive information and is only available as restricted data.

Genetic Data

The following genetic data products are available as restricted data through the VDI. See the Genetic Data page for full details on HRS genetic data.

Sensitive Health Data

These data products are not restricted data, but can be added to an RDA to be merged with restricted data in the VDI.