Industry and Occupation Data

This restricted data product contains one data set that provides detailed respondent-level industry and occupation information for interviewing years 1992 through 2014. These variables are masked in all public files.

Product Details

Product Type
Entry Cohort Info
Latest Release August 2017 (v4.0.1)
Version Notes
  • Covers the following years: HRS cohort (1992—2014); CODA cohort (1998—2014), War Baby cohort (1998—2014), Early Boomers (2004—2014); Mid Boomers (2010—2014);
  • Includes updates for 2014
  • Metadata updates 8/3/2017: The codebook and syntax files for this restricted data product were extensively revised to provide users with clear explanations of how variables were asked and coded within each wave. Each variable received a new label/description, with the old label being kept for reference purposes in the codebook notes section. In addition, wherever possible, logic statements were prepended to the variable text in order to clarify which subset of respondents was asked.
Documentation and Links

Collected for all HRS, CODA, War Baby, Early Boomer and Mid Boomer respondents in baseline years; new respondents and respondents with new jobs in out years. Special AHEAD coding is available for 1993, 1995 and 1998; see DR-021 for details.