Cognition Data

Measurement of cognition has been part of the core HRS survey since the beginning in 1992. Two separate supplemental studies provide in depth cognition measurement. Two researcher contributed datasets using the core data are also available.

These sources are listed below with relevant documentation. The cognition data in the core are available as a part of the public data. The HCAP and ADAMS data are available as sensitive data products, which requires an extra step to access.

Core interview data (1992-2016)

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Harmonized Cognitive Assessment Protocol (HCAP)

HRS-HCAP is part of an ongoing international research collaboration (HCAP Network) funded by the National Institute on Aging to measure and understand dementia risk within ongoing longitudinal studies of aging around the world that have aimed to harmonize methods and content to facilitate cross-national comparisons.

Data Product

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Aging, Demographics, and Memory Study (ADAMS)

ADAMS is a supplemental study in the HRS that conducted in-person clinical assessments to gather information on their cognitive status. A diagnosis of dementia, cognitive impairment but not demented (CIND), or non-case was assigned on the basis of this assessment.

Data Product

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Researcher Contributions


Health and Retirement Study: Data on Cognition

A webinar took place in March 2018 that provides an overview of these data resources with information on how to get started using them.

The Harmonized Cognitive Assessment Protocol: A New HRS Data Resource

A webinar held in March 2020 that provides an overview of the design and content of the HCAP study followed by a question and answer portion.