Data Collection Path Diagram

This table shows the history of HRS data collection efforts, with links to additional information about each data product. For cross-year products, the table shows which years are included in the release.

Table Key

Final release of data product

Early release of data product

Cross-year data product *

Data from this year is included in the corresponding cross-year data product

* Additional cross-year data products, not shown on this table, have been contributed by the RAND Center for the Study of Aging.

  • ADAMS — Aging, Demographics and Memory Study
  • AHEAD — Aging and Health Dynamics cohort (born before 1924)
  • BioM — Biomarker Data
  • CAMS — Consumption and Activities Study
  • CGCB — Candidate Gene Cognition and Behavior
  • CGL — Candidate Gene Longevity
  • CMS — Centers for Medicare/Medicaid Services
  • Diab — Diabetes Study
  • DVS — Disability Vignette Study
  • EPPS — Employer Pension Provider Study
  • GDV1 — Genotype Data Version 1
  • HCMS — Health Care Mail Study
  • HCNS — Health Care and Nutrition Study
  • HRS — Original Health and Retirement Study cohort (born 1931-1941)
  • HUMS — Human Capital and Educational Expenses Study
  • HWB — Health and Well-Being Study
  • PDS — Prescription Drug Study
  • SSA — Social Security Administration
  • Tracker — cross-wave biennial data
  • Vets — Veterans Mail Survey
Year Biennial Off-Year Sensitive Health Restricted Data Derived Variables
ADAMS Genetics Other SSA CMS Cognition