Permissions Consent History

The SSA Permissions Consent History summarizes available information relating to the status of social security permissions for 43,559 HRS respondents. The data set contains summary information by wave for permissions requested from 1992 through 2020. For each wave in which respondents were asked to grant HRS access to earnings and benefits held by the SSA, status variables were constructed as described in the table below.

Code Frame
xASK 0 self-interview, not asked
1 self-interview, asked
. no interview in wave
xCON 0 asked, consent not given for anything
1 asked, consent given; consent given for earnings and/or benefits
2 asked, consent given; consent given for benefits only (2010 onward)
3 asked, consent given; consent given for earnings only (2010 onward)
9 not asked (xASK ne 1)

xSENT 0 nothing sent to SSA
1 in finder; in finder for earnings and/or benefits
2 in finder; in benefits finder only (2010 onward)
3 in finder; in earnings finder only (2010 onward)
9 no consent (xCON = 0 or 9)
xMATCH 0 no data sent by SSA could be matched to this R
1 SSA matched data sent on earnings and benefits
2 SSA benefits data only
3 SSA earnings data only
9 nothing sent to SSA (xSENT = 0 or 9);

Product Details

Product Type
Social Security Administration (SSA) Data
Entry Cohort Info
Updated Through
HRS Wave 2020
Latest Release
January 2023
Version Notes

This data set is based on the early version of the 2020 Public Tracker File.

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