COVID-19 US State Policy Database

The Health and Retirement Study Contextual Data Resource (HRS-CDR) is a collection of user-friendly datasets that enable researchers to study the impact of place on health and well-being among HRS respondents.

This HRS-CDR data product was created by researchers from Boston University School of Public Health.

The COVID-19 US State Policy Database (CUSP) contains state-wide policies related to COVID-19 mitigation and control, including stay at home orders, closing of non-essential businesses, and school closures. The database also contains policies that aim to protect vulnerable populations from the wide range of health and economic consequences of the pandemic, including changes to Medicaid, eviction freezes, and changes to unemployment insurance. For each policy in question, research assistants collect the date it went into effect in each state based on executive orders, mandates, and/or press releases.

Product Details

Product Type
HRS Contextual Data Resource Series (HRS-CDR)
Latest Release March 2022 (version date 20220303)
Version Notes

This release contains more variables than the previous HRS version. Refer to the documentation for details regarding new variables, explanation of missing variables, and date ranges. The original data file was created by researchers at the Boston University School of Public Health. Special characters e.g., * used to mark footnotes were removed by HRS to preserve formatting of the original data type. Users should review the spreadsheet to understand missing data and definitions. The documentation also contains the citation reference.

Documentation and Links
  1. HRS Contextual Data Resources are available only to users of the MiCDA Enclave VDI, and are only available for use with restricted data geographic information products.
  2. The geographic information contained in the merged dataset is not included in any HRS public file and may not be merged with any other Restricted Data Set without the explicit written permission of HRS.