National Neighborhood Data Archive (NaNDA)

HRS restricted data users may request access to folders in the MiCDA Geographic Linkages Repository (GLR) to link to HRS data. By requesting to use data deposited with GLR, you agree to cite any GLR data sources used in your publications and presentations. For details, including citations, see

NaNDA is a nationwide collection of data with measures of the demographic, economic, social, and physical environments, generally at the level of Zip Code Tabulation Areas (ZCTA) and Census Tract. Measures cover socioeconomic and demographic data, urbanicity, broadband and internet access, establishments or organizations by type, health care services, crime, schools, parks, public transit stops, polluting sites, roadways, street connectivity, traffic volume, voter patterns. A Zip Code to ZCTA crosswalk is included. More detailed information can be found on the NaNDA webpage and at OpenICPSR.

Product Details

Product Type
Geographic Linkages Repository (GLR)
Latest Release November 2022
  1. Geographic Linkages Repository (GLR) datasets are available only to users of the MiCDA Enclave VDI, and are only available for use with restricted data geographic information products.
  2. The geographic information contained in this dataset is not included in any HRS public file and may not be merged with any other Restricted Data Set without the explicit written permission of HRS.