Cross-Wave Race and Ethnicity File (2018)

The 2018 version of the Cross-Wave Race and Ethnicity data set contains detailed race and ethnicity information provided by HRS respondents. These data should be used with caution, since HRS does not make any attempt to verify racial or ethnic self-identification by respondents. The data set matches the 2018 Tracker File and is keyed on HHID and PN. Please note that the current version supersedes all previous versions. In particular it differs from the November 2021 version in that duplicate records have been removed and comment coding for 2016 and 2018 applied.

Prior to 2006, the race/ethnicity and Hispanic identification questions were coded as single response variables. In 2006 both were changed to allow multiple mentions. The data set contains the single- mention variables collected prior to 2006 (RACE1 and HISPANIC1) as well as the multiple mention variables collected in 2006 and beyond. See the codebook for additional information on individual variables.

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