Cross-Wave Race and Ethnicity File (2014)

This file contains race and ethnicity information based on respondent self-report at the time of first interview. These data should be used with caution since HRS does not make any attempt to verify racial or ethnic information. Prior to 2006, respondents were asked the race and ethnicity questions at their baseline (or first) interview. The questions did not allow respondents to report multiple racial or Hispanic categories. In 2006, new race and ethnicity questions were asked of all respondents (both reinterview respondents and new respondents). The new questions allowed respondents to report more than one racial or Hispanic category. For 2008 and subsequent waves, the new question series is being asked of new respondents as well as any reinterview respondents who have not yet received the new series.

Product Details

Product Type
Entry Cohort Info
Latest Release February 2017 (v5.0)
Version Notes

This file is based on the 2014 Tracker File (Early, v1.0).

Documentation and Links

The Tracker file should be used to resolve all questions relating to interview status for a given wave.