Personality and Motoric Cognitive Risk Syndrome

TitlePersonality and Motoric Cognitive Risk Syndrome
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication2019
AuthorsStephan, Y, Sutin, AR, Canada, B, Terracciano, A
Type of ArticleArticle; Early Access
ISSN Number0002-8614
Keywordscognitive complaint, motoric cognitive risk, Personality, walking speed

OBJECTIVES To examine whether five major personality traits are related to the motoric cognitive risk (MCR) syndrome, a pre-dementia syndrome characterized by cognitive complaints and slow gait speed. DESIGN Cross-sectional. SETTING Health and Retirement Study (HRS) and the National Health and Aging Trends Survey (NHATS). PARTICIPANTS Dementia-free older adults aged 65 to 107 years (N > 8000). MEASUREMENTS In both samples, participants provided data on personality, cognitive complaints, and measures of gait speed, as well as on demographic factors, physical activity, depressive symptoms, and body mass index (BMI). RESULTS Across the two samples and a meta-analysis, higher neuroticism was related to higher risk of MCR (combined odds ratio [OR] = 1.32; 95% confidence interval [CI] = 1.21-1.45; P < .001), whereas higher extraversion (combined OR = .71; 95% CI = .65-.79; P < .001) and conscientiousness (combined OR = .70; 95% CI = .62-.78; P < .001) were associated with a lower likelihood of MCR. Higher openness was also related to a lower risk of MCR in the HRS and the meta-analysis (combined OR = .77; 95% CI = .70-.85; P < .001), whereas agreeableness was protective only in the HRS (OR = .83; 95% CI = .74-.92; P < .001). Additional analyses indicated that physical activity, depressive symptoms, and BMI partially accounted for these associations. CONCLUSION This study adds to existing research on the factors related to the risk of MCR by showing an association with personality traits. Personality assessment may help to identify individuals who may be targeted by interventions focused on reducing the risk of MCR and ultimately of dementia.

DOI10.1111/jgs.16282, Early Access Date = {DEC 2019
Citation Key ISI:000504501200001