Polygenic score for neuroticism is related to sleep difficulties

TitlePolygenic score for neuroticism is related to sleep difficulties
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication2020
AuthorsStephan, Y, Sutin, AR, Luchetti, M, Terracciano, A
Type of ArticleArticle; Early Access
ISSN Number1601-1848
KeywordsNeuroticism, polygenic score, sleep quality

Neuroticism, a broad trait measure of the tendency to experience negative emotions and vulnerability to stress, is consistently related to poor sleep quality. Less is known about potential pleiotropy in the genetic risk for high neuroticism and poor sleep. Therefore, the present study examined whether polygenic score (PGS) for neuroticism is related to sleep quality in two large samples of adults. In addition, depressive symptoms, anxiety and phenotypical neuroticism were tested as mediators in both samples. Participants were 8316 individuals aged from 50 to 101 years (mean age = 68.29, SD = 9.83) from the Health and Retirement Study, and 4973 individuals aged from 63 to 67 years (mean age = 64.30, SD = 0.68) from the Wisconsin Longitudinal Study. Participants from both samples were genotyped and answered questions on sleep quality. A higher PGS for neuroticism was related to lower sleep quality concurrently and over time in both samples. Anxiety, depressive symptoms and neuroticism mediated these relationships in the two samples. Although effect sizes were small, the present study provides replicable evidence that individuals with a higher genetic predisposition to experience negative emotions and distress are at risk of sleep difficulties.

Citation Key ISI:000512337900001