Decoding Retiree Spending

TitleDecoding Retiree Spending
Publication TypeReport
Year of Publication2021
AuthorsBanerjee, S
Series TitleT. Rowe Price Insights
InstitutionT. Rowe Price
CityBaltimore, MD
KeywordsRetirement, Spending

■ Income replacement strategies often assume inflation-adjusted spending
in retirement is flat; however, the data reveals that retiree spending declines
annually by 2%, and it varies by wealth.
■ Retirees typically choose to adjust their nondiscretionary spending (often
considered fixed spending) to match their guaranteed income, challenging
the notion that these expenses are truly fixed.
■ Retiree spending behavior reveals a preference for asset preservation. Aligning
products and services that account for this will hasten adoption of retirement
income solutions.

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