The Association Between Retiree Migration and Retirement Satisfaction

TitleThe Association Between Retiree Migration and Retirement Satisfaction
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of PublicationForthcoming
AuthorsPearson, BM, Kalenkoski, CM
JournalJournal of Financial Counseling and Planning
KeywordsMigration, Retirement, retirement satisfaction

The purpose of this study is to examine migration during retirement and its association with retirement satisfaction. Utilizing longitudinal data collected from the Health and Retirement Study, this study estimates a fixed effects logit model to examine how changing U.S. Census divisions during retirement is related to retirement satisfaction. The findings suggest that a change in residential location during retirement is associated with an increase in retirement satisfaction. In planning for retirement, individuals should examine what will provide them with the highest level of satisfaction during their retirement and whether their current location can facilitate an enjoyable retirement. Financial planners and counselors should also consider, as a part of their systemic retirement planning process, increasing the attention that is given to the residential location in which their clients will reside during retirement.

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