Revisiting the Effect of Education on Later Life Health

TitleRevisiting the Effect of Education on Later Life Health
Publication TypeReport
Year of Publication2022
AuthorsFiginski, TF, Lloro, A, Moorthy, A
Series TitleFinance and Economics Discussion Series
Document Number2022-007
InstitutionBoard of Governors of the Federal Reserve System
KeywordsCompulsory school attendance laws, Education policy, health, Human capital, Returns to education

We provide new evidence on the effect of education on later life health. Using variation in state compulsory schooling laws, we examine education's effect on a range of outcomes encompassing physical health, decision-making, and life expectancy. We employ under-utilized Health and Retirement Study data linked to restricted geographic identifiers, allowing us to match individuals more accurately to compulsory schooling laws. While positively related to educational attainment, compulsory schooling laws have no significant effect on later life health outcomes. Our results suggest that increased educational attainment has no significant causal effect on health.

Citation KeyRePEc:fip:fedgfe:2022-07