Retirees, Financial Planning Horizon, and Retirement Satisfaction

TitleRetirees, Financial Planning Horizon, and Retirement Satisfaction
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of PublicationForthcoming
AuthorsPearson, BM, Lacombe, D
JournalFinancial Planning Research Journal
KeywordsFinancial planning, Retirement, retirement satisfaction

This study examines the association between retiree
financial planning horizon and retirement satisfaction
using longitudinal data collected from the Health and
Retirement Study. The results indicate that retirees with longterm financial planning horizons, compared to retirees
with short-term financial planning horizons, are more
likely to be very satisfied with their retirement. The findings
and ensuing discussion highlight the need for long-term
financial planning during retirement and the need for
financial planners to regularly engage in financial planning
throughout their clients’ retirement.

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