Factors Contributing to Job Satisfaction

TitleFactors Contributing to Job Satisfaction
Publication TypeThesis
Year of Publication2022
AuthorsMcDonald, Z
UniversityUniversity of Wisconsin-Stout
KeywordsJob Satisfaction

Job satisfaction is often categorized as the enjoyment or appreciation someone has for the work
that they do. Job satisfaction is an important variable to analyze as many individuals spend a
significant portion of their lives working. The purpose of the current study was to determine the
relationship between five work-related and non-work-related variables and job satisfaction.
There were five hypotheses: Life satisfaction is positively associated with job satisfaction (H1),
stressful life events are negatively associated with job satisfaction (H2), work environment is
positively associated with job satisfaction (H3), coworker support is positively associated with
job satisfaction (H4), and supervisor support is positively associated with job satisfaction (H5).
Data were analyzed using a multiple regression analysis to determine how the five factors related
to job satisfaction from the Institute for Social Research University of Michigan (HRS; a preexisting dataset). Four of the hypotheses were supported. Life satisfaction, work environment,
and supervisor support were positively correlated with job satisfaction, and stressful life events
were negatively correlated with job satisfaction. Coworker support was not correlated with job
satisfaction. The current findings demonstrate support for a variety of factors inside and outside
of the workplace impacting job satisfaction.

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