Wills, Wealth, and Race

TitleWills, Wealth, and Race
Publication TypeReport
Year of Publication2023
AuthorsAubry, J-P, Munnell, AH, Wettstein, G
Series TitleIssue in Brief
Document NumberIB#23-17
InstitutionCenter for Retirement Research at Boston College
CityChestnut Hill, MA
Keywordsinheritances, Racial Disparities, Retirement

The brief’s key findings are:
The analysis explores how receiving an inheritance, having a will, and planning and realizing a bequest are interrelated and vary by race.
Black and Hispanic individuals are less likely to get an inheritance, have a will, and plan to leave a bequest.
Among those who do plan to leave a bequest, Black and Hispanic individuals are less likely to realize their bequest target.
However, having a will increases the chances of achieving one’s bequest target, offering a potential way to improve the situation.

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