Consequences and Predictors of New Health Events

TitleConsequences and Predictors of New Health Events
Publication TypeBook Chapter
Year of Publication2005
AuthorsSmith, JP
EditorWise, DA
Book TitleAnalyses in the Economics of Aging
PublisherUniversity of Chicago Press
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KeywordsDemographics, Health Conditions and Status

The emphasis in health research has been on understanding and disentangling the multiple ways in which socio-economic status may influence a variety of health outcomes. Consequently, much less is currently known about the impact health may have on SES. But at least for working-aged individuals, health feedbacks to labor supply, household income, and wealth may be quantitatively quite important. Therefore, one aim of this paper will be to estimate the effect of new health events on a series of subsequent outcomes that are both directly and indirectly related to SES. These outcomes will include out-of-pocket medical expenses, the intensive and extensive margins of labor supply, health insurance, and household income.


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Short TitleConsequences and Predictors of New Health Events
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