Leaving Bequests: By Accident or by Design?

TitleLeaving Bequests: By Accident or by Design?
Publication TypeBook Chapter
Year of Publication2003
AuthorsHurd, MD
EditorMunnell, AH, Sundén, A
Book TitleDeath and Dollars: The role of gifts and bequests in America
PublisherThe Brookings Institution Press
CityWashington, DC
KeywordsAdult children

The life-cycle model of consumption is the standard model for the analysis of consumption and saving over the life cycle.¹ The model specifies that people save during their working lives, and then consume their savings in retirement. The claim that a large fraction of household wealth is the result of inheritances has stimulated substantial interest in a bequest motive for saving. While large bequests are not necessarily at odds with simple life-cycle saving, they could also indicate that people are actively saving in order to make such transfers.


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