Marriage and Wealth Changes at Older Ages

TitleMarriage and Wealth Changes at Older Ages
Publication TypeBook Chapter
Year of Publication2013
AuthorsZissimopoulos, JM
EditorCouch, KA, Daly, MC, Zissimopoulos, JM
Book TitleLifecycle Events and Their Consequences: Job Loss, Family Change, and Declines in Health
PublisherStanford Economics and Finance
CityStanford, CA
KeywordsAdult children, Event History/Life Cycle, Health Conditions and Status, Income, Net Worth and Assets

This chapter presents an examination of the impact on net worth and savings of changes in family structure at older ages. The analysis demonstrates that married couples have more wealth than unmarried individuals primarily due to the higher lifetime earnings and lower mortality risk of married couples compared to unmarried individuals. Divorce at older ages both divides and consumes wealth and has negative and long-lasting consequences on wealth accumulation while remarriage rebuilds assets.

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marriage/divorce/wealth/life-cycle/earnings/mortality risk/mortality risk

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Short TitleMarriage and Wealth Changes at Older Ages
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