Health Insurance on the Way to Medicare: Is Special Government assistance warranted?

TitleHealth Insurance on the Way to Medicare: Is Special Government assistance warranted?
Publication TypeReport
Year of Publication2001
AuthorsShort, PF, Shea, DG, M. Powell, P
InstitutionThe Commonwealth Fund, Publication 457
KeywordsMedicare/Medicaid/Health Insurance, Retirement Planning and Satisfaction

The survey analyses described in this report are intended to help policymakers understand better the health insurance problems that confront Americans who are approaching age 65 and Medicare eligibility. A clear understanding of these problems is crucial to deciding whether or not to proceed with incremental coverage reforms for older, pre-Medicare adults. We had four specific research objectives: 1. To learn about the transitions in health insurance coverage experienced by older adults prior to age 65, especially as they relate to changes in employment and health; 2. To look at how well a policy allowing people to buy in to the Medicare program at age 62 (as proposed by former President Clinton and others) would compensate for the loss of employer-based insurance; 3. To see if there are compelling arguments, in addition to early retirement and the loss of employer coverage, to target older Americans in particular for coverage expansions; 4. To explore the empirical justification for targeting people age 62 and older, rather than setting eligibility for a buy-in at some other age. More generally, we wanted to produce a compendium of relevant statistics that would be useful to policy analysts and others who are considering coverage reforms for older Americans.

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Health Insurance Coverage/Medicare/Retirement behavior

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