HRS 2001 HUMS College Tuition Imputations

TitleHRS 2001 HUMS College Tuition Imputations
Publication TypeReport
Year of Publication2005
AuthorsCao, H, Henretta, JC, Norgard, TM, Soldo, BJ, Weir, DR
InstitutionInstitute for Social Research, University of Michigan
CityAnn Arbor, Michigan
KeywordsConsumption and Savings, Methodology, Net Worth and Assets

HRS 2001 Off-Year Mail Survey on Human Capital Investment (HRS 2001 HUMS) collected important information on the education of HRS respondents children. Among other things, the survey asked a selected set of HRS respondents to provide information about whether a child attended a two- or four-year undergraduate college, the total number of years in college(s), his or her age when he or she last attended college, and the name of the college that he or she last attended. One way to use the information is to produce college tuition data associated with each child, which can then be linked in an integrated analysis of family transfer with other family transfer information collected in the HRS core survey. In this document we describe what we have done in imputing HRS 2001 HUMS college tuitions. The general idea is to link the children college attendance information in HRS 2001 HUMS with a college tuition database (CASPAR) created and administered by the National Science Foundation. For 2000 and 2001, college cost data are also taken from the NCES IPEDS online database.

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imputations/methodology/human Capital/college tuition

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