Enhancing the Quality of Data on the Measurement of Income and Wealth

TitleEnhancing the Quality of Data on the Measurement of Income and Wealth
Publication TypeReport
Year of Publication2007
AuthorsF. Juster, T, Cao, H, Couper, MP, Hill, DH, Hurd, MD, Lupton, JP, Perry, MM, Smith, JP
Series TitleMichigan Retirement and Disability Research Center Research Paper
Document NumberWP 2007-151
InstitutionMichigan Retirement and Disability Research Center, University of Michigan
CityAnn Arbor, MI
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KeywordsIncome, Methodology, Net Worth and Assets

Over the last decade or so, a substantial effort has gone into the design of a series of methodological investigations aimed at enhancing the quality of survey data on income and wealth. These investigations have largely been conducted at the Survey Research Center at the University of Michigan, and have mainly involved two longitudinal surveys: the Health and Retirement Study (HRS), with a first wave beginning in 1992 and continued thereafter every other year through 2004; and the Assets and Health Dynamics Among the Oldest Old (AHEAD) Study, begun in 1993 and continued in 1995 and 1998, then in every other year through 2004. Surveys for the year 2006 are currently in the field. This paper provides an overview of the main studies and summarizes what has been learned so far. The studies include; a paper by Juster and Smith (Improving the Quality of Economic Data: Lessons from the HRS and AHEAD, JASA, 1997); a paper by Juster, Cao, Perry and Couper (The Effect of Unfolding Brackets on the Quality of Wealth Data in HRS, MRRC Working Paper, WP 2006-113, January 2006); a paper by Hurd, Juster and Smith (Enhancing the Quality of Data on Income: Recent Innovations from the HRS, Journal of Human Resources, Summer 2003); a paper by Juster, Lupton and Cao (Ensuring Time-Series Consistency in Estimates of Income and Wealth, MRRC Working Paper, WP 2002-030, July 2002); a paper by Cao and Juster (Correcting Second-Home Equity in HRS/AHEAD: MRRC Working Paper WP 2004-081, June 2004); and a paper by Rohwedder, Haider and Hurd (RAND Working Paper, 2004).

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Methodology/Data Quality/income/Wealth

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