Trends in the Labor Force Participation of Married Women

TitleTrends in the Labor Force Participation of Married Women
Publication TypeReport
Year of Publication2007
AuthorsHouse, CL, Laitner, J, Stolyarov, D
Series TitleMichigan Retirement Research Center Research Working Paper
Document NumberWP 2007-171
InstitutionMichigan Retirement Research Center, University of Michigan
CityAnn Arbor, MI
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KeywordsAdult children, Consumption and Savings, Employment and Labor Force, Women and Minorities

This study seeks to quantify determinants, and costs, of the labor force participation of married women. We use demographic and earnings data from the Health and Retirement Study. The earnings data constitute an unusually long panel but have the defect of lacking corresponding reports on work hours. By using a highly structured model and concentrating on the participation margin, we nevertheless feel that we can make substantial progress. Our preliminary regression results imply that married women s market work disrupts their household consumption slightly less than one half as much as men s work (relative to complete household retirement). We lay out a course of additional steps that can, we believe, clarify these results even more precisely in the near future.

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Marital Status/Women, Working/Labor Force Participation/Consumption

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