Pension Estimation Program Users Guide

TitlePension Estimation Program Users Guide
Publication TypeReport
Year of Publication2016
AuthorsFang, C, Butchart, A, Stolyarova, H, Nolte, MA, Peticolas, R
InstitutionUniversity of Michigan
CityAnn Arbor, Michigan
KeywordsMethodology, Pensions

Periodically, the HRS obtains pension Summary Plan Descriptions (SPDs) from the employers of study respondents1. These SPDs are then analyzed and coded, and the plan description data, along with specific data from the respondents, are analyzed using a software product known as the Pension Estimation Program. This program is designed to estimate the pension entitlements held by respondents of the HRS, based on the plan formulas and benefit provisions obtained from the linked sample of pension providers. The Pension Estimation Program uses systems of equations to represent each of the pension plans, including all benefit formulas and payment provisions. These equations, in turn, use as input work and income histories of the respondents. For a given set of assumptions, the program calculates the appropriate pension entitlements, and generates output data files for subsequent analysis.

This is the documentation for the current (April 2016) version of the pension estimation program which replaces all previous versions. Researchers may wish to examine the Pension Coding Program Users Guide for information on HRS coding procedures.

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