Trigger Events and Financial Outcomes Among Older Households

TitleTrigger Events and Financial Outcomes Among Older Households
Publication TypeReport
Year of Publication2010
AuthorsWallace, GL, Haveman, R, Holden, KC, Wolfe, B
Series TitleCenter for Financial Security Working Paper
Document NumberWP 10-2
InstitutionCenter for Financial Security, University of Wisconsin-Madison
CityMadison, WI
KeywordsAdult children, Health Conditions and Status, Healthcare, Net Worth and Assets, Social Security

Follow a sample of social security beneficiaries drawn from the Health and Retirement Study from their first year of retirement up to 15 years into retirement, we estimate rates at which retirees are subject to family structure change, cognitive decline, health decline, and other events. Then we assess the vulnerability of wealth and wealth-based adequacy measures to adverse events, drawing conclusions about the effect of events on a wealth-based measure and a wealth-based inadequacy measure. Our findings highlight the importance of cognitive and health decline as events with the potential to shape the evolution of wealth post-retirement.

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social Security/wealth/adverse events/adverse events/Cognitive decline/health decline/Families

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