Job Insecurity, Unemployment Insurance, and On-the-Job Search

TitleJob Insecurity, Unemployment Insurance, and On-the-Job Search
Publication TypeReport
Year of Publication2015
AuthorsGutierrez, I
InstitutionSanta Monica, CA, RAND Corporation
KeywordsEmployment and Labor Force

I use the Health and Retirement Study to document that job insecurity is an important factor behind on-the-job search. I find that job insecurity can explain 25 of the cases in which older workers report to be looking for another job. Then, I analyze whether unemployment insurance can affect this relationship between job insecurity and job search. I find evidence that unemployment insurance discourages on-the-job search, which in turn reduces the probability of starting a job at a new employer and increases the probability of entering non-employment. The strength of these effects depends on the worker s level of job insecurity.

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Job insecurity/labor Force Participation/unemployment insurance

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