Retirement Security: Women Still Face Challenges

TitleRetirement Security: Women Still Face Challenges
Publication TypeReport
Year of Publication2012
AuthorsUnited States Governmental Office
InstitutionWashington, DC, U.S. Government Accountability Office
KeywordsConsumption and Savings, Health Conditions and Status, Income, Public Policy, Retirement Planning and Satisfaction, Women and Minorities

This report examines (1) how women s access to and participation in employer-sponsored retirement plans compare to men s and how they have changed over time, (2) how women s retirement income compares to men s and how the composition of their income changed with economic conditions and trends in pension design, (3) how events occurring later in life affect women s retirement income security, and (4) what policy options are available to help increase women s retirement income security.

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Public Policy/WOMEN/retirement Saving/retirement planning/Oldest old people/Poverty

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