Reducing the Economic Burden of Work-Related Injuries

TitleReducing the Economic Burden of Work-Related Injuries
Publication TypeThesis
Year of Publication2014
AuthorsMcLaren, CF
AdvisorSeabury, S
Number of Pages148
Date Published2014
UniversityThe Pardee RAND Graduate School
CitySanta Monica, CA
Thesis TypePh.D.
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KeywordsEmployment and Labor Force, Health Conditions and Status, Methodology, Public Policy

This study examines the effectiveness of employer return to work programs in reducing the average duration of absences from work-related injuries. It finds that workers injured with an employer return to work program in place return to sustained employment approximately 1.38 times sooner after an injury. The biggest reductions in work-injury absence are experienced by men and by workers with a permanent disability. Modifying work equipment is associated with the greatest reductions in injury durations relative to other program components. Back-of-the-envelope calculations indicate that these programs are cost effective for large, self-insured employers. Keywords: workers' compensation, injuries and employee return to work, workplace injuries and employer self-insurance


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Short TitleReducing the Economic Burden of Work-Related Injuries
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