Spousal support and diabetes management: The role of gender and religion

TitleSpousal support and diabetes management: The role of gender and religion
Publication TypeThesis
Year of Publication2012
AuthorsEstevez, R
AdvisorGuarnaccia, CA
DegreeMaster of Science
Number of Pages71
UniversityUniversity of North Texas
CityDenton, TX
Accession Number1335312464
KeywordsAdult children, Demographics, Health Conditions and Status, Healthcare, Public Policy

One in four adults over the age of 60 suffers from diabetes. Around 85%-90% of individuals who have diabetes suffer from Type II diabetes. The prevalence of individuals with diabetes is expected to increase. This paper addresses the influence spousal support, friend support, and religion all have on diabetes mellitus. Gender difference in relation to spousal support benefits has also received limited attention. The limited amount of studies that have examined gender differences in relation to spousal support and diabetes management indicate that diabetic men benefit the most from spousal support due to their wives active involvement in meal preparation and grocery shopping. The results showed that neither spousal support nor religious salience was significantly related to diabetes management. There were observed gender differences in religious salience (males = 4.84, females = 5.36, p <.001) and positive spousal support (males = 3.19, females = 3.02, p <.001), but none of the major hypotheses were supported.

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