Dynamic models of health and labor supply in later life

TitleDynamic models of health and labor supply in later life
Publication TypeThesis
Year of Publication2015
AuthorsJacobs, L
AdvisorWalker, JR
Number of Pages193
Date Published2015
UniversityThe University of Wisconsin - Madison
CityMadison, WI
Thesis TypePh.D.
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KeywordsDisabilities, Employment and Labor Force, Methodology, Retirement Planning and Satisfaction

In these essays, I develop and estimate life-cycle models aimed at explaining various patterns in labor supply behavior at older ages. The first study measures the extent to which later-life differences in health and disability risks across occupations affect retirement behavior and how these risks influence initial career choice. In the second essay, I look at the degree to which the changing composition of occupations over time--from more to less physically demanding--has contributed to the increase in labor force participation at older ages. The final study examines the effects of wage and health transition processes as well as the role of accrued work-related strain on the labor force participation decisions of older males, aimed particularly at accounting for the high rates of "reverse retirement" seen in the data.


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Short TitleDynamic models of health and labor supply in later life
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