Retirement Measures in the Health and Retirement Survey

TitleRetirement Measures in the Health and Retirement Survey
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication1995
AuthorsGustman, AL, Mitchell, OS, Steinmeier, TL
JournalThe Journal of Human Resources
IssueSupplement 1995
Call Numberpubs_1995_Gustman_AJHR.pdf
KeywordsDemographics, Retirement Planning and Satisfaction

The HRS offers researchers the opportunity to explore a vast amount of detailed information that will help to answer outstanding questions about retirement. The survey provides new information, based on better measures than have ever been available before, that could help evaluate current programs and improve future policy design. The following areas of the HRS are praised for providing excellent data that will help researchers answer outstanding questions: labor, economic status, health status, family, and disability plan participation. Unique features such as administrative records on earnings and SS benefits and employer-provided data on pensions and health insurance are also described.

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Retirement/Retirement Policies/Demographic Trends and Forecasts

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