Measures of Cognitive Functioning in the AHEAD Survey

TitleMeasures of Cognitive Functioning in the AHEAD Survey
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication1997
AuthorsHerzog, AR, Wallace, RB
JournalThe Journals of Gerontology, Series B: Psychological Sciences and Social Sciences
Call Numberpubs_1997_Herzog_ARJGSeriesB.pdf
KeywordsHealth Conditions and Status, Methodology

This paper describes and evaluates the psychometric qualities of the measures of cognitive functioning that were developed for the AHEAD study and examines the methodological issues related to non-response and mixed mode administration. It also proposes component and aggregate indices and presents limited substantive analyses to document construct validity. Evaluation of the cognitive measures in terms of psychometric properties and missing data, telephone administration, and formation of an aggregate index is encouraging. Furthermore, it seems that no major bias is introduced by using a mixed mode of administration.

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Psychological Tests/Survey Methods/Cognitive Functioning

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