Gender differences in pension wealth: estimates using provider data.

TitleGender differences in pension wealth: estimates using provider data.
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication1999
AuthorsJohnson, RW, Sambamoorthi, U, Crystal, S
Date Published1999 Jun
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KeywordsFemale, Humans, Male, Occupations, Pensions, Sex Factors, United States, Women, Working

Information from pension providers was examined to investigate gender differences in pension wealth at midlife. For full-time wage and salary workers approaching retirement age who had pension coverage, median pension wealth on the current job was 76% greater for men than women. Differences in wages, years of job tenure, and industry between men and women accounted for most of the gender gap in pension wealth on the current job. Less than one third of the wealth difference could not be explained by gender differences in education, demographics, or job characteristics. The less-advantaged employment situation of working women currently in midlife carries over into worse retirement income prospects. However, the gender gap in pensions is likely to narrow in the future as married women's employment experiences increasingly resemble those of men.

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Pension Provider Survey/Pension Plans/Pension Wealth/Female/Occupations/Sex Factors/Support, U.S. Government--non PHS/United States/Women, Working

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