Savings of Young Parents

TitleSavings of Young Parents
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication2001
AuthorsLusardi, A, Cossa, R, Krupka, EL
JournalThe Journal of Human Resources
KeywordsConsumption and Savings, Net Worth and Assets

In this paper, we examine household savings using data from the National Longitudinal Survey, Cohort 1997. This data set provides detailed information about assets and liabilities of parents with teenage children. In our empirical work, we have to first deal with several problems in measuring wealth. Although many responding parents report owning assets and liabilities, they often do not report their values. To get around the nonresponse problem, we impute the missing values for assets and liabilities. To study the patterns of accumulation of young parents, we examine wealth holdings and asset ownership across several demographic groups.

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