It takes two: marriage and smoking cessation in the middle years.

TitleIt takes two: marriage and smoking cessation in the middle years.
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication2002
AuthorsFranks, MM, Pienta, AM, Wray, LA
JournalJ Aging Health
Date Published2002 Aug
ISSN Number0898-2643
KeywordsFemale, Health Behavior, Humans, Male, Marital Status, Marriage, Middle Aged, Smoking cessation, Social Support, Spouses

OBJECTIVES: In this prospective study of smoking cessation among married individuals in midlife we examine correspondence in the change of each partner's smoking status with that of the other, independent of established psychosocial correlates of smoking cessation.

METHODS: Using longitudinal data from the first two waves of the Health and Retirement Study, 1992-1994, hierarchical logistic regression models were estimated for married male and female smokers separately.

RESULTS: Findings support our hypothesis of correspondence in the smoking cessation of married male and female smokers net of other sociodemographic, health, and health behavior characteristics.

DISCUSSION: These findings suggest that initiation and maintenance of this positive lifestyle change may be more easily achieved when both marital partners are given information and support to quit smoking at the same time.

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