Raising the Medicare Eligibility Age: Effects on the Young Elderly

TitleRaising the Medicare Eligibility Age: Effects on the Young Elderly
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication2003
AuthorsDavidoff, AJ, Johnson, RW
JournalHealth Affairs
Call Numberpubs_2003_Davidoff_HA.pdf
KeywordsMedicare/Medicaid/Health Insurance

ABSTRACT: If Medicare eligibility were delayed to age sixty-seven, as proposed periodically by policymakers, most sixty-five- and sixty-six-year-olds (the young elderly ) would find alternative sources of coverage. However, the loss of Medicare eligibility would leave about 9 percent of this age group uninsured, while another 11 percent would be underinsured because they could only afford limited nongroup policies. The impact would be much greater for certain subgroups, including blacks, Hispanics, and the poor. A buy-in plan that allows young elderly people to purchase Medicare coverage could reduce uninsurance rates, but only if it subsidizes premiums for those with limited incomes.

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