Trends in Job Demands Among Older Workers, 1992-2002

TitleTrends in Job Demands Among Older Workers, 1992-2002
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication2004
AuthorsJohnson, RW
JournalMonthly Labor Review
KeywordsEmployment and Labor Force

The aging of the population raises concerns
about the Nation’s ability to support future retirees, whose numbers will soar
once members of the “baby-boom” cohort begin
reaching old age in coming years. If current employment patterns persist, there will be fewer
workers in the future available to produce goods
and services, threatening standards of living for
Americans of all ages. As long as job demands
do not force many older workers into retirement,
increasing employment among older adults could
relieve these demographic pressures. This article explores the ability of the labor force to accommodate older adults by examining recent
trends in job demands among older workers

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