The Impact of Elder Care on Women's Labor Supply

TitleThe Impact of Elder Care on Women's Labor Supply
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication2006
AuthorsJohnson, RW, LoSasso, AT
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KeywordsAdult children, Demographics, Healthcare

Adult daughters traditionally have served as primary caregivers for frail unmarried adults, but the levels of care they have provided in the past may interfere with their growing work responsibilities. This paper examines the impact of time transfers to elderly parents on labor supply at midlife. Using a sample of women ages 55 to 67 in the Health and Retirement Study, we estimate panel data models of annual hours of paid work controlling for the endogeneity of time assistance to parents. The results indicate that time help to parents strongly reduces female labor supply at midlife.

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Caregiving/Elderly/Family transfers, structure/Female

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