Noncoverage and Nonresponse in an Internet Survey

TitleNoncoverage and Nonresponse in an Internet Survey
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication2007
AuthorsCouper, MP, Kapteyn, A, Schonlau, M, Winter, J
JournalSocial Science Research
Call Numbernewpubs20070125_Couper_etal_SSR

We explore the correlates of noncoverage and nonresponse in an Internet survey conducted as part of the Health and Retirement Study (HRS), a panel study of persons 50 years old and older in the US. About 30 of HRS respondents indicated they used the Internet. Of these, 73 expressed willingness to do a Web survey. A subset of this group was subsequently sent a mailed invitation to participate in a Web survey and 78 completed the survey. Using multivariate models, we Wnd signiWcant demographic, Wnancial, and health-related diVerences in access, consistent with other research. There are fewer diVerences in willingness (given access) and response (given willingness). However, disparities in health and socio-economic status persist after controlling for demographic diVerences in coverage and response. Weighting on demographics alone is thus unlikely to yield a representative sample in such surveys. Noncoverage (lack of access to the Internet) appears to be of greater concern than nonresponse (unwillingness to participate given access) for representation in Internet surveys of this age group.

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