Health, Economic Resources and the Work Decisions of Older Men.

TitleHealth, Economic Resources and the Work Decisions of Older Men.
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication2010
AuthorsBound, J, Stinebrickner, TR, Waidmann, TA
JournalJ Econom
Date Published2010 May
ISSN Number0304-4076

We specify a dynamic programming model that addresses the interplay among health, financial resources, and the labor market behavior of men late in their working lives. We model health as a latent variable, for which self reported disability status is an indicator, and allow self-reported disability to be endogenous to labor market behavior. We use panel data from the Health and Retirement Study. While we find large impacts of health on behavior, they are substantially smaller than in models that treat self-reports as exogenous. We also simulate the impacts of several potential reforms to the Social Security program.

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Economic models/Labor economics/Health/Older workers/Dynamic programming/Studies

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Alternate JournalJ Econom
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