Self-employment of older Americans: do recessions matter?

TitleSelf-employment of older Americans: do recessions matter?
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication2014
AuthorsBiehl, AM, Gurley-Calvez, T, Hill, B
JournalSmall Business Economics
KeywordsDemographics, Employment and Labor Force, Methodology, Other, Public Policy

As high unemployment rates linger following the latest recession, job opportunities can be sparse, especially for older workers. This might prompt older Americans to seek out opportunities in self-employment. Alternatively, recession-related decreases in economic activity might make self-employment less attractive. Using the Health and Retirement Study, we find that unemployed respondents are more likely to enter self-employment and that these decisions are clearly affected by recessions, although the effects differ by recession and gender. Unlike men, women s self-employment decisions are very sensitive to other sources of household income, and women are less likely to become self-employed the deeper the recession.

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Entrepreneurship/Economics / Management Science/Unemployment/Economics of gender/Microeconomics/Industrial Organization/Recession/Older Americans/Management/Business for Professionals

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