Dental Care Coverage and Use: Modeling Limitations and Opportunities

TitleDental Care Coverage and Use: Modeling Limitations and Opportunities
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication2014
AuthorsManski, RJ, Moeller, JF, Chen, H
JournalAmerican Journal of Public Health
KeywordsHealthcare, Insurance, Public Policy

Objectives. We examined why older US adults without dental care coverage and use would have lower use rates if offered coverage than do those who currently have coverage. Methods. We used data from the 2008 Health and Retirement Study to estimate a multinomial logistic model to analyze the influence of personal characteristics in the grouping of older US adults into those with and those without dental care coverage and dental care use. Results. Compared with persons with no coverage and no dental care use, users of dental care with coverage were more likely to be younger, female, wealthier, college graduates, married, in excellent or very good health, and not missing all their permanent teeth. Conclusions. Providing dental care coverage to uninsured older US adults without use will not necessarily result in use rates similar to those with prior coverage and use. We have offered a model using modifiable factors that may help policy planners facilitate programs to increase dental care coverage uptake and use.

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dental insurance/dental care/public policy

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